Black Man Crying

My tear ducts dried up long ago…. done seen too much

Done seen suffering slaves and pillaging knaves

and people blown up in underground caves

To pay for the hot tubs of top hats and canes

and I….done seen too much to cry

Done seen people die for five dollars…

Not talkin bout street thugs who kill for a shoe

but the ones what was killed by the red, white, and blue.

Dead… Deprived of a five dollar shot

While shots ring out for oil, 20 dollars a pop

and I….done seen too much to cry

Done seen women… and men… break their chains…

Nothin to lose ‘cept the whip on their backs

Free for the first time, by fighting attacks

Each day more aware of the power we hold

We will create a new day as we bury the old

and so… this ain’t the time to cry.


MLK: questions…


If MLK was here today,
some wonder what the man might say.
Would he oppose Obama’s wars,
or secretly back them behind closed doors?
Would he have worn a Trayvon hood and stood among the angry youth,
or deemed them all brash and uncouth?
Would he speak up for Palestine?
Or make excuses to hide behind?
Would he cheer when unions went on strike
or back the “plights” of GM and Nike?
Would he march to remember Malcolm X
or say his ideas were too complex?
Would he fight for the rights of the undocumented,
or waver like a spinster who is longwinded?
These questions are really not for King
But for those who today want freedom to ring.

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