Unexpected rise to Cap fandom

Brian Taylor

Marvel has taken one of my least favorite of it’s characters and made a must-see movie event with Captian America: The Winter Soldier. Clever and well-written character dialogue meet crisp hand-to-hand combat sequences and seamless special effects as Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) searches for his place as Captain in today’s America. (continued)

Supporting cast is very solid with Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Anthony Mackie as Falcon, and catch phrase king Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. There is a grit to this film that makes it very appealing. You get a rare glimpse (one would imagine, if thrust into the Marvel world) at the mortal side of some key characters.

What’s just as engaging to watch as a troubled hero? A troubled villain, of course. When the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) is revealed, the plot gets richer. Far from the “Go America, Go” movie I thought this would be, the film contains some real kernels of national introspection. I found my emotions rising and falling with this movie. Smiling when cued to due so, laughing at moments set aside for it, and rooting for the best side of humanity. That — with me — is not the easiest of feats.


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