The Missing Link in the Community, Non-Violence Campaign (a cypher)


Yo…These stop the violence movements….


‘Cause what they never do

is point the finger at who’s pickin us

off with guns they click at us,

I’m talking about the blue

but they steady blamin you.

Steady tazing you

to the grave, they’re elec-tricking us.

And if our minds don’t quicken up

this [is] what they gonna do…

Claim their aim is crime

with their crosshairs trained at you.

41 shots, boy, that’s what they’re trained to do.

Then mastermind the frame-up

and/or white powder flick on us.

I’m tired of the pain, tired of the shame

Tired of Trayvon-like killings, tired of the game.

I ain’t gonna live forever so this isn’t for the fame.

Phoenix Clan, Rebelvision tryna fan a flame

to burn down the walls that are limiting our brains

Stop the violence????

Let’s start with the cops

Take away THEIR tasers. Take away THEIR glocs

Head to the government, take away THEIR arms,

‘cause the biggest mass killers are the ones dropping the bombs

I know….  There’s violence in the hood, too

I’m merely pointing out “monkey see, monkey do.”

Really wanna be gangsta, throw up an Exxon sign

They shitted on the world…. never charged with a crime.


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